IBM MyLearning Academy FAQs

Which ID do I use to sign in?

You must have a valid IBM id to sign in. Click here to register for your single sign on IBM ID.

Will I get a certificate when I complete the course?
What kind of badges will I earn?
How do I get access to the job board?
I’m an IBM Business Partner/Customer, can I take the course?
How do I update my email ID or profile?
Why do I see the message "You are not registered for any course in the IBM MyLearning program" after sign in?
I am having problems opening courses, playing videos or downloading files.
Which platforms and browsers are supported?
I receive other errors trying to access the IBM MyLearning platform or course content.
My progress bar is not updating even after I completed the course
I can’t download the flyer/abstract in the Course Page.
I’m a faculty member. My school isn’t using IBM MyLearning Offering. How do we get started?
I’m a student. How do I enroll in a class?
What’s the cost of taking a course or participating in the program?
I’m enrolled in a course and have a technical issue, who do I contact?
How do I get authorization to access the portal?